DNA FCd Design Technology

DNA FCd Design Technology

FCd Design Technology, an innovative idea that DNA’s R&D engineers invented a decade ago!


The Story!

Since 2000 the progress in 3D CAD technology and Modern CNC manufacturing systems allowed to engineers and designers worldwide to study, design and manufacture extremely efficient and complicated motorcycle and automotive air boxes. The new complicated “shapes” of the air boxes needed also complicated air filters. Strangely enough the manufactures of the air filters designed the “frames” of the filters to follow the complex shapes, but the filtering material remained a very simple square or orthogonal or trapezoid shape.

Using such simple shapes was a compromise, sacrificing air flow and performance, for easy and cost efficient production. Looking at one of these flat panel air filters it is obvious that a huge amount of surface is not used, limiting the air flow and causing turbulence and “dead” spots. Additionally for multi cylinder engines the “side cylinders” would get ‘less’ air than the center ones!

The solution was to use the “complete footprint “ of the available air box surface, this area should be ‘active filtering material’.
Using “Foam air filter” material, this is very easy, but unfortunately for big expensive 4 stroke engines the “foam air filter” is not good enough, so manufactures use it only for small cost effective engines.

When using “pleated” paper, or synthetic fiber, or cotton, cutting complex shapes of filtering material is extremely difficult and expensive or sometimes impossible, so manufactures use simple geometrical shapes.

DNA’s R&D Engineers started working on this in 2002; the target was to produce

DNA filtering material in complex shapes that would follow precisely the shape of the filter’s frame.

It took us almost 4 years to industrialize this innovative production system using the most advanced technology available and DNA’s Fcd Design Technology was born. DNA’s “Fcd Design Technology” (full contour design) is the future in air filter design technology! And an innovation that makes DNA stand out of the crowd.

Advantages using the complete footprint of the air box as an active filtering area:

  • Increased air flow
  • Better filtering efficiency
  • Smooth unified air flow
  • Improves the air flow dynamics of the air box
  • The advanced filter design corresponds to the advanced design of the modern air boxes

Concerning air flow, we have measured an increase that starts from +20% up to +80% for a given application! This can be translated in increased performance and longer service intervals.

Concerning filtering efficiency (FE), the larger active filtering surface allows the air to pass at a lower speed, so the filter has more “time” to “do its job” improving even more the FE of the filter. Following you can find a visual comparison of OEM & competitor’s air filters and DNA’s Fcd Design High Performance Air Filters, that will help you understand very simply “what DNA Fcd Design Technology is.

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