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BMW R 1300 GS (23-24) DNA Air Box Cover Stage 2 TC-BM13E24-S2-SET


BMW R 1300 GS (23-24) DNA Air Box Cover Stage 2 TC-BM13E24-S2-SET


BMW R 1300 GS (23-24) DNA Air Box Cover Stage 2 TC-BM13E24-S2-SET


Filter Use

Race use only

Box Includes


Filter Design

DNA's Advanced FCd

OEM Part Number

13715A72831, 13715A72832

Stage Application

Stage 2

Filtering Efficiency


Increase in Air Flow


DNA Air Filter Air Flow

8500 lit/min

OEM Air Filter Air Flow

6024 lit/min

The DNA Stage 2 Kit, can be either a DNA filter or a DNA cover that is designed to replace a part of the air box, seriously increasing air flow to the engine. With the proper fuel recalibration the results are always very impressive.


  • This filter features DNA®’s Stage 2 kit eliminates the OEM intake snorkel of BMW models and offers higher performance and better intake sound.
  • This Stage 2 kit is designed to replace the stock plastic air box intake. Combined with the P-BM13E24-01 (sold separately) will increase the Airflow, Filtering Efficiency, Power, Torque and Throttle response.
  • The airflow of this new DNA Stage 2 is +41.20% more than the OEM BMW air box cover!
  • Stock air box with DNA S2 & S1 air filter flow : 8500 lit/min @ 7 mBar corrected @ 25degrees Celsius
  • Stock airbox with stock cover & OEM air filter: 6024 lit/min @ 7 mBar corrected @ 25degrees Celsius (Cubic feet per minute) @1,5”H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius
  • This DNA® Stage 2 kit is designed as a High Flow product for: ‘Race use only’.
  • Air Flow Data

    Power by quality you can trust!

    The DNA High Perfomance Air Filter +41.20% increase in air flow & 98-99% filtering efficiency

    Power by quality you can trust!

    Power by quality you can trust!

    We, at DNA, proudly introduce a filter that can last the life of the vehicle. Strict quality control for construction & materials, chosen only by their highest quality, are some of the factors that allow us to offer a Lifetime Warranty!

    The Anatomy

    This is what Power is made of!

    A DNA High Performance Filter is a high quality, next generation multilayer cotton gauze, flameproof, oil impregnated air filter.

    This very special cotton is designed by DNA's R&D engineers for High Performance filtering purposes. The basic media is a non woven surgical cotton gauze with a modified TEX & THREAD, with extremely high strength of break. This unique cotton media, actually is a “hairy hybrid” featuring extremely high air flow rates and excellent filtering efficiency that exceeds 98%.

    The DNA Air Flow Tests

    For the air flow tests, we use the most advanced flow bench available today. The ROTRONICS FlowScan, is a totally computerized flow bench that measures:

    • Mass of the air
    • Flow of the air
    • Temperature of the air
    • Absolute air pressure
    • Differential air pressure
    • Speed of the air at various points (Pit ot tubes)
    • Absolute humidity of the air

    The complete procedure is automated and computer controlled, eliminating human errors.

    The DNA Dyno Tests

    For the Dyno Tests, we use the industry standard Dynojet chassis dyno equipped with eddy current load control, Dynojet 250LC. Our dyno cell is equipped with a variable flow air cooling system, designed to precisely simulate real world conditions.

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