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Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (21-24) DNA Air Box Cover Stage 2 TC-RE35CL22-S2


Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (21-24) DNA Air Box Cover Stage 2 TC-RE35CL22-S2


Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (21-24) DNA Air Box Cover Stage 2 TC-RE35CL22-S2


Filter Use

Race use

Box Includes


Filter Design

DNA's Advanced FCd (Full Contour design)

OEM Part Number


Stage Application

Stage 2

Filtering Efficiency


Increase in Air Flow


DNA Air Filter Air Flow

1917 LTR/MIN

OEM Air Filter Air Flow


The DNA Stage 2 Kit, can be either a DNA filter or a DNA cover that is designed to replace a part of the air box, seriously increasing air flow to the engine. With the proper fuel recalibration the results are always very impressive.


  • This filter features DNA®’s Stage 2 kit eliminates the OEM intake snorkel of ROYAL ENFIELD models and offers higher performance and better intake sound.
  • A perfect airtight sealing and trouble free Stage 2 kit installation for the user is guaranteed by using a high quality EVA seal.
  • This Stage 2 kit is designed to replace the stock plastic air box intake. Combined with the R-RE35N21-01 will increase the Airflow, Filtering Efficiency, Power, Torque and Throttle response.
  • The airflow of this new DNA Stage 2 combined ALWAYS with the DNA Stage 1 Air Filter (R-RE35N21-01) is +99.48% more than the OEM air filter with ROYAL ENFIELD air box cover applied!
  • Stock air box with DNA S2 & S1 air filter flow : 1917 lit/min @ 10 mBar corrected @ 25degrees Celsius.
  • Stock airbox with stock cover & OEM air filter: 961 lit/min @ 10 mBar corrected @ 25degrees Celsius.
  • This DNA® Stage 2 kit is designed as a High Flow product for: ‘Race use only’.
  • Fuel recalibration is suggested.
  • Luftstromdaten

    Leistung durch Qualität, der Sie vertrauen können!

    Der DNA Hochleistungs-Luftfilter +99.48% Erhöhung des Luftstroms & 98-99% Filtereffizienz

    Leistung durch Qualität, der Sie vertrauen können!

    Leistung durch Qualität, der Sie vertrauen können!

    Wir von DNA® sind stolz darauf, einen Filter vorzustellen, der die gesamte Lebensdauer des Fahrzeugs hält. Strenge Qualitätskontrollen für Bau und Materialien, die nur aufgrund ihrer höchsten Qualität ausgewählt werden, sind einige der Faktoren, die es uns ermöglichen, eine lebenslange Garantie anzubieten!

    Die Anatomie

    Das ist, woraus Macht besteht!

    Ein DNA Hochleistungsfilter übersetzen ist ein hochwertiger, mehrschichtiger Baumwollgaze, flammhemmender, ölgetränkter Luftfilter der nächsten Generation.

    This very special cotton is designed by DNA's R&D engineers for High Performance filtering purposes. The basic media is a non woven surgical cotton gauze with a modified TEX & THREAD, with extremely high strength of break. This unique cotton media, actually is a “hairy hybrid” featuring extremely high air flow rates and excellent filtering efficiency that exceeds 98%.

    FAQs über DNA-Filter


    Human "technology" inspiration!

    The technology that our DNA filter uses to clean the air is surprisingly common to all of us. It is part of our body; we use it constantly to stay alive! It is part of the Human respiratory system that filters the air we inhale! Tiny moistened hairs called cilia protect the nasal passageways and other parts of the respiratory tract, filtering out dust and other particles that enter the nose with the breathed air. The DNA filtering cotton media is exactly that, millions of tiny fibers that are oiled! This “hairy hybrid” as we call it, is a genius combination of cotton fibers per square millimeter. The Tex & Thread, of this unique cotton, is a result of intensive research and testing, by DNA’s development engineers. The “hairy hybrid” impregnated with DNA’s special filter oil, is transformed into the remarkable DNA media that provides very high filtering efficiency and extremely high flow rates.

    Trap "enemies" by static charge!

    We designed the DNA filter to aquire a positive static charge as the air passes through the pleated and oiled filter media. This weak static chargewill very effectively “pull” on the oiled cotton fibers, the debris and dust that are in the air; remember in science class at school, the pen rubbed against wool that can attract small bits of paper, experiment? This is exactly what happens, as air flows through the filter, debris even as small as 5 microns will change course and stick onto the fibers, regardless if the “holes” between the fibers can be as large as 150 microns! The first layer of debris on the fibers will then absorb some oil, get statically charged and become part of the filtering media! And guess what, it will start attracting new debris assisting the cotton media in its filtration chore! Finally, debris will continue building up on the surface of the filter, as air passes through, until it is totally covered.

    Extreme testing environment

    Our filters have being successfully tested even in the harshest environment during the DAKAR Rally! Through Argentina, up to the Andes, and down to the Atacama Desert in Chile. The dreadful “Fesh- Fesh”(Guadal) fine powder desert sand of the Atacama Desert, was successfully kept out of the race engines, outperforming the foam filters! So the myth is busted, the DNA filters can successfully be used in any environment, on and off the road, in the desert or the outback, DNA will be there to protect you.

    Here comes increased torque & power

    The DNA filter will also smoothen out the air flow stream, as it passes through the filter, reducing turbulence and sending smooth clean & fresh air towards the engine intake, increasing torque and power. Additionally to the high air flow, smooth and unified air flow is very important. This explains why we see a decrease in power output when testing a bike or car on the dyno “without” a filter as the circulation of air in the air box is disturbed and the result is turbulence and low power output.

    The DNA Air Flow Tests

    For the air flow tests, we use the most advanced flow bench available today. The ROTRONICS FlowScan, is a totally computerized flow bench that measures:

    • Mass of the air
    • Flow of the air
    • Temperature of the air
    • Absolute air pressure
    • Differential air pressure
    • Speed of the air at various points (Pit ot tubes)
    • Absolute humidity of the air

    The complete procedure is automated and computer controlled, eliminating human errors.

    The DNA Dyno Tests

    For the Dyno Tests, we use the industry standard Dynojet chassis dyno equipped with eddy current load control, Dynojet 250LC. Our dyno cell is equipped with a variable flow air cooling system, designed to precisely simulate real world conditions.

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