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DNA RZ Series 127mm Inlet 160mmLength Air Filter

DNA RZ Series 127mm Inlet 160mmLength Air Filter

DNA RZ Series 127mm Inlet 160mmLength Air Filter



142 mm

Max Engine HP

<750 HP

Inlet Diameter

127 mm

DNA Air Filter Air Flow

12900 LTR/MIN

DNA air filters are designed to increase hp and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. These filters are washable and reusable and are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box.This makes them very good value for money.



DNA Air filters help provide optimal flow and maximum engine performance and fuel efficiency through a world-class filtration design that removes 98% of air contaminants. Each filter is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all original equipment operating specifications.

  • Premium media removes 98% of air contaminants
  • Superior protection against damaging dust penetration
  • Optimized pleat design for maximum filtration
  • Maximum filtration area
  • Made of premium materials


Part Number: RZ-127-142
Airflow: 12900 ltr/min
Horse Power: 750hp
A': 127 mm Auto_Filter_RZ
B': 123 mm
C': 176 mm
D': 142 mm
E': 127 mm
F': 18 mm
G': 160 mm

Length and flange measurements should be added in order to calculate the total height of the filter.


Please pay attention to the below instructions during the fitting process of DNA High Performance universal pod filters

clamp tightening
universal filter mounting types

Power by quality you can trust!

Power by quality you can trust!

We, at DNA, proudly introduce a filter that can last the life of the vehicle. Strict quality control for construction & materials, chosen only by their highest quality, are some of the factors that allow us to offer a Lifetime Warranty!

The Anatomy

This is what Power is made of!

A DNA High Performance Filter is a high quality, next generation multilayer cotton gauze, flameproof, oil impregnated air filter.

This very special cotton is designed by DNA's R&D engineers for High Performance filtering purposes. The basic media is a non woven surgical cotton gauze with a modified TEX & THREAD, with extremely high strength of break. This unique cotton media, actually is a “hairy hybrid” featuring extremely high air flow rates and excellent filtering efficiency that exceeds 98%.

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