The enterprise DNA FILTERS LTD based in ATTICA region, has joined the Action “Digital Step” with a total budget
of 84 million €.The Action aims at the digital upgrading of very small, small and medium - sized enterprises.
The investment’s total budget is 25.000 € out of which 12.500 € is public expenditure. The Action is co-financed by Greece and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund.
The approved subsidised Business Plan includes investments in the following categories:
Procurement and installation of ICT equipment
Software for office applications, web development, e-shop services etc.
Digital services (Digital advertising, e -security certifications, data entry and transfer etc.)
Wage costs for new personnel
Through the participation in the Action, the enterprise achieved:
Competitiveness improvement
Increase of profitability
Reinforcement of an extrovert business profile
Enhancement of entrepreneurship
Creation /maintenance of high quality job positions
The support of EPAnEK proved beneficial, not only for the enterprise but also for the competitiveness of the nationalas well as the local economy.