Gas Gas 700 Series (22-23) DNA Air Βοx Cover TC-GG7SM22-S2

Product Information

This new Stage 2 Air Box Cover is a specially made Laser cut supporting frame and designed to work exclusively with the DNA stock replacement air filter. Correctly used it will increase the airflow, torque and power of the engine.

Installation info are included with this new DNA Stage 2 Air Box Cover. Fuel injection recalibration is suggested but NOT necessary.

The filtering efficiency of the assembly with the DNA Stage 1 Air Filter (R-KT6SM16-0R) is extremely high at 98-99% filtering efficiency (ISO 5011).

This DNA® Stage2 Air Filter is designed for: ‘Road, Off Road & Race use’.

Important Note: The DNA Stage 1 Air Filter R-KT6SM16-0R is sold separately.


Gas Gas 700 Series Cover :

  • Gas Gas ES 700 (22-23)
  • Gas Gas SM 700 (22-23)