DNA® winner of the prestigious international product design award “Reddot Product Design Award 2017”!

DNA® winner of the prestigious international product design award “Reddot Product Design Award 2017”! DNA Filters proves to be a worldwide pioneer once again. The International recognition throughthe Red Dot Product Design Award as well as the top quality of its products and the persistence toperfection make its loyal followers proud.


Marios Nikolaidis, Motorsport Engineer of R&D/Production Manager of Greek DNA Filters, designed a range of innovative air filters that combine the unique DNA filtering technology with special synthetic “leather skin” in a variation of colours.


Customizing and modifying bikes has been the new trend over the past couple of years, creating Cafe-racers, Trackers, Bobbers and Cruisers. DNA and Marios Nikolaidis latched onto the new trend and launched a new series of innovative air filters under the “Leather Top” sub-brand. With the new award-winning DNA Leather Top Filtersseries, the air filter is now perfectly suited to the Custom Motorcycles’ exterior,providing a unique added value to the customized bikes, ready to satisfy even themost demanding rider.


The synthetic Leather texture is applied to the famous DNA Universal filters using a state-of-the-art“in mold fusion” technology. The range consists of “hexagon” “oval” and “U” shapes in brown, beige, green .yellow, blue, grey, orange and red colours! The leather top has a 3D convex shape engraved with the “D” of DNA. An incredible palette of colours and shapes was created which in combination with the top performance eco-friendly materials overwhelmed the Red Dot committee and made the leather-top filter the next best thing in customizing.


The Red Dot Product Design Award ceremony 2017 will take place on the 3rd of July 2017 in Essen, Germany at the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. The award-winning Leather Top DNA filterswill be featured in the prestigious Red Dot Design Year Book 2017-2018 as well as in display atthe“Red Dot Design Museums” of Germany and Singapore!