1. R&D

Everything starts from the R&D department; starting from initial study of each application and testing the stock parts, a draft design is presented. If the idea is accepted by the responsible team, we 3D CAD design the filter and rapid prototype samples. Then we test the DNA® prototypes and choose one from the best. The final 3D CAD design will be completed and toolpaths (NC files) will be generated with our CAM software. The NC files via Ethernet connection are sent to the CNC machining centers for mold, tooling and other parts to be produced.

2. Mold, Tooling and Machining

NC files from R&D are loaded to the CNC machines and all the necessary molds and tools are produced. Following, the molds are transferred to our general machine shop for finishing all the necessary details, to be cleaned and assembled. Next, the molds are transferred to the filter production department, including all the "jigs" and fixtures that are necessary for the production.

3. Filtering Media Manufacturing

This department produces the famous DNA 4 layer nafta cotton filtering media, at the necessary size for each DNA® filter. The material is then slitted and cut to the designed sizes and patterns. This is a unique patented procedure that we cannot show. All the ready cut filtering material is quality controlled and forwarded to the filter production department.

4. Filter Production


All the DNA® panel and round filters are produced here. Unfortunately we cannot show the complete procedure as we use unique equipment and automation purpose built by DNA®. The filter production department is also responsible for placing all the necessary parts on the filter, for example gaskets, spacers, bolts, locating tabs etc. Following the production batch goes through quality control and all the filters that pass, are forwarded to the oiling stations. One robotic and two PLC controlled machines will complete the task with precision. Next, the filters are forwarded to the packaging department.

5. Service Kit Production

The DNA® consumer and professional service kits are produced here in our factory. This allows us to control the complete procedure and the final quality of the DNA® service products.

6. Packaging

At this stage all the DNA® products are packed in their dedicated boxes, including tech & installation info, plus all necessary documentation and parts. Additionally, during the packaging procedure all items pass the final quality control.

7. Warehouse, Orders Picking

Following the packaging, all the DNA® products will be placed in the warehouse, ready to be shipped. All the DNA® products ordered from our customers are picked from here and forwarded to the orders packing department.

8. Warehouse, Orders Packing

The picked orders are checked once more and packed here.

9. Warehouse, Orders Dispatch

Packed orders are placed here, pass through a final check, weight and volume is confirmed and shipped to our valued customers worldwide.