Total commitment to excellence on every step. All DNA®'s advanced technical expertise, latest machinery, innovative solutions, attention to detail, is just a start.

Power by quality you can trust.

We, at DNA®, proudly introduce a filter that can last the life of the vehicle. Strict quality control for construction & materials, chosen only by their highest quality, are some of the factors that allow us to offer a Lifetime Warranty!

Power by the best materials for the job

High performance, starts from using the best materials available that meet the high DNA® standards. High tensile strength, high temperature and UV radiation resistance properties, is a must for our materials.

Power by the best materials for the environment.

We call it “Advanced Environment Friendly Engineering”. We use Eco friendly materials, like our 100% organic cotton instead of paper or synthetic foam.

Power by innovative design.

Hi-tech, precision CAD design (computer aided design) & CAM (computer aided manufacturing). Revolutionary & unique design solutions like the Full Contour design (FCd) which expands the active filtration area up to +80%, the factory glued, high quality EVA foam seals, to ensure a correct & secure sealing and easy filter installation, are some of the features that make every DNA® the best air filter money can buy.

Power by controlled & unique manufacturing processes.

CNC machining, In-House tooling manufacturing, industrial automation & robotic production systems etc, combined with our attention to detail and continuous quality control, ensures that each and every DNA® is a product of Advanced Air Filter Engineering.

Power by State-Of-Art testing & evaluating methods.

Air box Reverse Engineering using Faro & Microscribe 3D Arms. CAAFT (computer aided air flow testing). In-House dyno testing on every single product, using our expert tuning know how.

Power by performance.

DNA® increased air flow means increased engine power & torque: up to +12 hp increase (common for some applications), resulting in crisp throttle response and better control. Translate this as increased dynamic safety that you will discover from the very first moment you will use our products.

Power by engine protection & efficiency.

Search no more for the best combination of power & protection! DNA® High Performance Air Filters, “trap” all the dust particles that flow towards the filter, even the very fine ones (down to 5 microns), guarantying that the only thing that passes the filter is just clean & fresh air!

The Power of a World Champion.

DNA® lives where ever high performance is a winning element. We have the will, the product, the custom solutions and the experience to excel in the toughest testing environment: motorsport! Inside every DNA® Filter breathes a World Champion!

Power by non-stop research & innovation.

DNA® is constantly on the move looking for new frontiers, searching and testing new materials and manufacturing processes, to keep efficiency, power & protection on the highest levels, to be always one step ahead: the standard for high performance air filters.

Power by being “Green” without any compromise in performance.

esides the presence of environment friendly materials and the fact that you will never have to throw away our filter, the overall DNA® performance properties, translates to lower emissions and better fuel economy! These are the results of a healthier, cleaner operating engine, under all driving conditions, without forgetting to mention the safety aspects that come with this improved engine performance. Of course all these mean that using a DNA® filter you get more out of your vehicle: Increased power delivery & cost efficient use!

Power by being one of you, sharing the same passion: motorsport!

We’re coming closer to you every day. In a car or with our motorcycles, driving on favorite roads, beyond them or at the racetracks around the world, DNA® will always be there to transform air into power. To ensure that you will keep on smiling on every occasion!