Mazda RX8 DNA High Performance Stage 3 Air Box Kit


Make: Mazda

CC: 1300

DNA Air Box Flow:8.152Ltr/Min

DNA Increased Air Flow: 69.66%

DNA Filtering Efficiency: 98-99%


Product Information

This DNA High Performance Stage 3 Air Box Kit AK-RX8MK3-S3 for MAZDA RX8 1.3L 2003-2012, features:

  • Taking under consideration the unique feature of this engine that requires a 'smooth' air passage and very high air flow, to perform flawlessly! DNA has designed a very unique 'clamp on' filter, which features a streamlined venturi and a nice smooth "aerodynamic" top in order to eliminate "turbulence" increase the air flow and not "mess up" the MAF sensor.
  • Included in this kit is a CNC machined aluminum, black anodized, MAF body, which replaces the plastic stock MAF body that is an 'one piece' molding with the air box. This precision DNA MAF body has an 86mm diameter, as the stock one. Optional DNA MAF bodies will be available in over-size & under-size, to match your customers' specific requirements.
  • This S3 Kit will increase the Power & Torque and provide top notch protection to the RX8, with a filtering efficiency of 98-99% for maximum engine protection!
  • Extreme air flow 8.152 LTR/[email protected] Inches of water; results in an impressive " 69.66%" increase in air flow! Over the stock air box & filter!
  • Incredible engine response & Sound!
  • Epoxy coated "Heat Shield" with Plexiglass transparent cover, which protects the filter and keeps hot air out and cold air in and allows the beautiful DNA filter to be visible!
  • Shipped ready to install, including 'photo installation info, and air flow Graphs.
  • Designed for high performance road, race and track use.
  • This Stage 3 application is developed for race & track use and in some countries it may not be legal to use it on the road.