Honda Monkey 2019 Stage 3 DNA Air Box Kit


Make: Honda

CC: 125

DNA Filtering Efficiency: 98-99%


Bolt on Stage 3 Kit MK3 version with natural anodized billet gas tank and Black , Gold or Red anodized Aluminum CNC machined top that houses one DNA filter.

The flow of the DNA Stage 3 Air Box Kit is: +111.43% for the AK-H1N19-S3-MK3 more than the Honda stock air-box, at 685.80 LTR/MIN @ 10 mBar.

This DNA®Stage 3 Air Box Kit is plug & play with no modifications needed on the throttle body or frame. Intake hose is included in the kit with a specially designed ventury inside. Breather filter and special mounting plate is included in the kit.

This DNA®Stage 3 Air Box Kit is designed as a High flow Air Box Kit for Race and Road use.

Please check your local regulations. In some countries it is legal only for race use.

The Stage 3 MK3 air-box kit for the Honda Monkey is made to order. We will not keep any stock of this kit and the manufacturing time will be around 45 days.

Honda Monkey Anodized Colors :

  • Black Anodized
  • Gold Anodized
  • Red Anodized