Honda Monkey 125 (2022) Stage 3 DNA Leather Top Air filter


Make: Honda

CC: 125

Stock Filter Air Flow: 685.80 LTR/MIN

DNA® Filter Air Flow: AK-H1N22-S3-MK2: 1397 LTR/MIN

DNA® Increased Air Flow: +103.70%

DNA Filtering Efficiency: 98-99%

  • The filtering efficiency* is extremely high at 98-99% filtering efficiency, with 4 layers of DNA® Cotton for maximum engine protection.
  • The flow of the DNA Stage 3 Air Box Kit is: +103.70% for the AK-H1N22-S3-MK2 more than the Honda stock air-box, at 685.80 LTR/MIN @ 10 mBar.
  • This DNA®Stage 3 Air Box Kit is designed as a High flow Air Box Kit for Race and Road use.
  • Please check your local regulations. In some countries it is legal only for race use.

*Filtering efficiency is the amount of “dirt” the filter can maintain (stop) and protect the engine efficiently. For example the DNA® Filter for every 100 grams of dirt that it will receive, it will hold 98-99 grams, this applies even to fine dirt as small as 5 microns.

Synthetic Leather Colour :

  • Blue
  • Dark Brown
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Light Brown
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow