DNA RZ Series 83mm Inlet 202mm Length Air Filter


DNA Air filters help provide optimal flow and maximum engine performance and fuel efficiency through a world-class filtration design that removes 98% of air contaminants. Each filter is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all original equipment operating specifications.

  • Premium media removes 98% of air contaminants
  • Superior protection against damaging dust penetration
  • Optimized pleat design for maximum filtration
  • Maximum filtration area
  • Made of premium materials


Part Number: RZ-83-202
Airflow: 8800 ltr/min
Horse Power: 300hp
A': 83 mm Auto_Filter_RZ
B': 79 mm
C': 132 mm
D': 202 mm
E': 83 mm
F': 18 mm
G': 220 mm

Length and flange measurements should be added in order to calculate the total height of the filter.

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